Lip-reading cameras make totalitarianism E-Z

Good news! A British research team as developed a tool that allows computers to read lips of people on video and then text the transcripts to people. They hope to use it in security cameras, making the whole privacy-free police state thing closer to becoming a reality. Just listen to this garbage:

Computer-based lip-reading technology would help video surveillance systems spot people planning a crime or terror attack by literally watching suspects' lips for clues. Once it finds someone speaking certain key words or sentences, the system would automatically send an alert message to a central console, mobile phone, or other communications device. Police or security agents could then be dispatched to the scene to question the individual.
Holy privacy invasion. What, are they going to stick one of these cameras in the terrorists' secret hideout? Or are they going to have a supercomputer scanning everyone's conversation in a public area looking for keywords? This is scary stuff.

Electronic Design, via Textually