KTM X-Bow is a street-legal race car, fast enough to take your breath away

If you're looking for a street racer, the KTM X-Bow might just be the car for you. Its carbon-fiber chassis keeps its weight down to a featherlight 1543 pounds, and its 220-hp turbo engine built by Audi keeps its power-to-weight ratio high. The result? You'll be sitting in a low-slung pocket rocket that's scarcely larger than a go-kart but goes a whole lot faster. How fast? How does zero to 62 mph in 3.9 seconds sound?

Built in a limited edition of just 100 cars by a company that usually builds motorcycles, KTM says the street-legal X-Bow will be shipping in February 2008 for $54,000. If you don't mind driving a snarling little beast with no doors, roof or windshield, this might just be the perfect second car to drive around while your Lexus-from-the-future is in the shop.

KTM, via Random Good Stuff