Killer robot? Converted Roomba shoots AirSoft projectiles but is no Roombo

Robots take one more tiny step toward world domination with this Roomba that's been converted into a roving weapon. If you call AirSoft plastic pellets anything close to deadly, this laser-equipped Roomba might get you shaking in your boots. Not to worry, though, the crude robot can't seem to shoot straight, nor can it elevate its sights much higher than toe-level.

A resourceful do-it-yourselfer who calls himself Isobot equipped the Roomba with an AirSoft gun, complete with a horizontal ammo hopper on top. He created it in a low-profile design so he could easily maneuver it around the house. He drives the armed Roomba using a laptop, seeing his way forward with an onboard camera and aiming the projectiles with a laser sight.

Now all he needs to do is give the robot autonomy along with a bit of shape-shifting capability, and stand back, hoping his little mechanical monster remembers those Three Laws of Robotics.

Isobot on Flickr, via Make