Is your bread brave enough to enter the Tunnel of Toast?

We're not sure what's behind the recent surge in toast technology, but we're also not opposed to anything that can upgrade the most important meal of the day. The Mool Toaster from designer Atil Kizilbayir is the latest high-tech toaster concept from the design world. Bread goes on a rack, which rolls into the tunnel à la an MRI. Kizilbayir's site doesn't give a lot to go on, but presumably the bread sits under the hood for a preset time, then slides out when it's toast.

Hmm… doesn't really strike me as much of an improvement, really, since the footprint looks about the same as a regular toaster and having a rack that slides in and out would only take up more space. And the large openings on the sides don't seem like the most efficient use of heat. Looks kind of fun for the toast, though.

In any case, Kizilbayir's design concept is a pretty sweet-looking piece of countertop gadgetry, which might complement the kitchens of 2025 quite nicely, assuming our robot masters still let us eat toast.

See another pic of the toaster after the jump.

Atil Kizilbayir, via Gizmodo