High school student designs killer concept phone

We've been staring longingly at the Butterfly cell phone all morning. The slick slider has a touchscreen, a weather indicator, and Wi-Fi — not to mention it's totally hot. Of course, anything this cool would have to be a concept, but one with an amazing twist: its designer, Andrew Kim, is just 15 years old. This kid's in high school, for crying out loud, and he's pulling off design concepts that would put the pros to shame, complete with detailed spec sheets.

Of course, that doesn't mean the phone's chances of actually being made are any better than other wild concept mobile gear we've seen, although Kim had the realistic foresight to design the Butterfly with only technologies that are in the marketplace right now (TFT and OLED screens, a music player, an SVGA camera, etc.), as opposed to wacky stuff like flexible screens or "G4" capabilities. Keep up the sweet work, Andrew!

Check out his spec sheets after the jump.

Product Design Forums, via SlashGear

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