Helmet sensors to study impact of football tackles

I think pretty much everyone who watches football on a regular basis has at one point or another wondered how in the hell those guys take such hard hits and keep on going. I know I, for one, would be killed instantly if I was hit by an NFL linebacker, let alone getting up and running a pass play a minute later.

Well, team coaches and doctors are also interested in just how hard a hit their lovable steakhead players can handle, and that's why a bunch of college teams have joined up with Simbex to develop their Head Impact Telemetry (HIT) system. The HIT system uses sensors in the helmet to detect the power of impact and speed at which a player was traveling so doctors can tell if their player is trying to be tough and play with a concussion or if he really did just survive a head-on collision with a 350-pound linebacker without missing a beat. Those guys are animals, I'm telling you!

Simbex, via MedGadget