Epoq player: small size, high-res touchscreen

Epoq has introduced a compact portable media player (PMP) that's just slightly bigger than a book of matches. As small as it is, the company has been able to squeeze a 2.2-inch touchscreen into the gadget, which can play AVI, MPG and MP4 video at 25 frames per second. The little guy can also create a slide show by playing images and music simultaneously thanks to the 1 GB of built in memory (expandable via the miniSD card slot).

As great as this player claims to be, with its ability to record high-quality audio, listen to FM radio, read e-books, play video, and so on, the screen's still only 2.2 inches with a resolution of 220 x 176 pixels. My iPod screen is 2.5 inches (with 320 x 240 pixels), and I find that mighty hard to watch at times. Of course, there are players with screens smaller than the Epoq's, so this may be the sweet spot as far as tiny players go. The battery power isn't great either: fully charged, the Epoq lasts a mere 3 hours playing your favorite movie, or 8 hours for audio. But hey — a touchscreen! If you're into small devices and have better eyesight than most, the Epoq 2.2-inch Hi Res LCD Touch Screen Portable Media Player will set you back just $125.

First to You, via Boing Boing