BMW's custom 787 interior

You might think you're a real hot shot because you fly in first class once in a while, but you've got nothing on the Russian tycoon who had BMW design a custom interior for his personal Boeing 787. It's, well, a bit overboard.

Look at it! It has a gigantic skylight! Now that I think about it, it would be pretty sweet to have a massive skylight in commuter jets, but I guess that sun would get pretty bright/hot/annoying if you were trying to sleep or something.

Anyhow, the plane is decked out with a residential interior, allowing Mr. Probably-Made-His-Billions-Unscrupulously-in-Post-Soviet-Russia to live in the sky. Whatever, but do you get to see censored versions of mediocre movies on tiny screens? No? Well, commercial planes still have something to offer then. Hit the jump for a couple more renders of the interior.

Via Flight Global

fancyjet2.jpg fancyjet3.jpg