Wonderful Shot gives you a dog's eye view of the world

The Wonderful Shot is a pretty crappy 0.35-megapixel digital camera from Japan. What makes it noteworthy, you ask? Well, it's not designed for people like you and I, but rather for our canine companions. It's a doggy digital camera, one that hangs around a pooch's neck and randomly takes pictures of whatever they're doing.

Man, is this a dumb product. Seriously, do you think your dog will take interesting pictures? You'll end up with a lot of shots of the ground, other dog's butts, food, and their own excrement. Just the kind of thing you want to put in your family's scrapbook! At least the photo quality will be less than that of your average cameraphone, so you won't be able to see it in all that much detail. But still, who would buy this? For further proof of the crappy pictures you can expect from this thing, hit the jump for a sample.

Wonderful Shot, via Digital World Tokyo