Wind-up LED lantern repels monsters, attracts moths

Forget packing portable microwaves or tents with power outlets the next time you go camping — it kind of defeats the purpose of communing with nature. However, when the Sun goes down, and those strange noises start freaking you out, a little light can be a good thing. Battery-powered lanterns are no good, because inevitably you run out of juice at the wrong time, leaving you at the mercy of the guy with a hook for a hand.

The Wind-up Magic LED Lantern ensures you won't be in that situation by providing four hours of monster-free light. There's really no magic involved; instead you pop out the handle and give it a crank. A 1-minute wind will cause the five LEDs nestled inside the frosted sphere to give off 30 minutes of bright light. Fully charged, the lantern will stay lit for four hours. There's a foldaway handle to hang the lantern from a tree branch, or if you want a more permanent installation, the clip on the bottom allows for wall mounting. For those who insist on taking kids on their wilderness adventures, a switch on the side turns the lantern into a 60-hour nightlight.

Via Gizoo