ViewSonic iPod projector: Watch CSI downloads on your wall

I've got this iPod dock at home for hooking up my iPod to a TV, and probably the biggest hassle is finding a convenient place to put it. That issue would be nixed if the dock and the TV were one in the same, as is the case with ViewSonic's PJ258D projector, which can create massive images (up to 8 feet high) of your iPod videos that actually look half-decent, according to Laptop magazine (the image is helped somewhat by Apple's upgrade last fall to the resolution of iTunes video downloads).

Although the DLP projector has high-def resolution (at 1,024 x 768 pixels), the back panel doesn't exactly have a plethora of HD inputs, so this guy is meant mainly for iPod and PC applications. And the included remote, which can directly control the iPod, will make up for the control panel, which Laptop says is inconveniently positioned and has labels that are too small. If iTunes is how you stay current with The Office, and you've got a chunk of space on the lower shelf of your coffee table, you may find the $950 street price ($1,400 MSRP) a bargain. Just be ready for a little fan noise.

ViewSonic, via Gizmodo