SiK rex MacBook Pro remote control: Better than Apple's?

Apple's move to include an Apple Remote with all the company's computers has gone a long way toward making people think of them as entertainment centers. But the thing is, whenever I bring my MacBook anywhere, I always forget to bring the remote, which can lead to plenty of unnecessary getting up and walking over whenever I want to pump up the volume or jump tracks — hassle city, I tell ya!

SiK out-Apples Apple with its rex remote control. It's not quite as slick and iPod-y as the Apple version but has the extremely handy benefit of fitting perfectly in a MacBook Pro's ExpressCard slot. The rex's functions are pretty much identical to the Apple one, but at least now you'll be slightly less inclined to leave it at home when you're on the road. Get it for $26 at Amazon — $4 cheaper than Apple's!

Sik, Inc., via Uncrate