Sanyo brings the boom box into the 21st century

Why have boom boxes fallen by the wayside in our culture? They're such a great way to force everyone around you to listen to your music, and who doesn't love that?! Just because cassettes aren't exactly at the pinnacle of technological innovations these days doesn't mean we can't enjoy a ghetto blaster now and again.

This new Sanyo MAJ-U02 boom box takes everything that was great about the originals and brings them into the 21st century. Sure, you can play your old Public Enemy cassettes, but it also has a CD player, SD slot, and USB port for listening to tunes in a more modern context. And hey, blasting music from an SD card might not be as badass as it could be, but as long as you have the right expression on your face no one will mess with you., via Coolest Gadgets