Remote controlled cabinets keep cookies locked down

If you're really, really serious about keeping your kids out of the lower cabinets in your kitchens, you've got a couple of options. One, you can electrify the handles of the cabinets, making sneaking a cookie a mistake the kids will make only once, or you can invest in some fancy cabinets that have remote door openers. I know which one I would choose, but I guess that's why I don't have any kids.

For more gentle souls, the goRemote cabinets by Smallbone should suffice. They've got a remote control that locks and unlocks the doors, making sure sweets and snacks stay locked away 'til after dinner. Just make sure you don't lose the remote or let the batteries die, as not being able to get into your own $650 cabinets and needing to take an axe to them to get to your precious cookies would be a bad example to set for you impressionable children.

GearLog, via Ubergizmo