Quantum Sleeper keeps you safe from just about everything

Are you unable to sleep at night because of fears that a group of masked terrorists are plotting to break into your house and kidnap you and your loved ones? Well, this Quantum Sleeper Unit should allow you to sleep a little more soundly. That's because at the slightest inkling of danger, you can fold yourself up into your own bed and be protected from just about any danger out there.

It's a bulletproof, fireproof box with plenty of ventilation, allowing you to hide away in the tiny panic room until the bad guys give up or find a really powerful chainsaw. Inside, you'll have all the luxuries of a CD player, DVD player, PC, microwave and fridge for the long haul. It's even designed to let you see out without allowing anyone to see in, giving you the element of surprise when you suddenly spring out and try to smother the intruders with a pillow. The only thing that might hurt you is the price, which is a whopping $135,000.

Via Born Rich