Personal submarines may someday take you under the deep blue sea in style

Thinking about enjoying a bit of underwater adventure in your own personal submarine? Spanish designer Guillermo Sureda-Burgos has created concepts for three subs that'll let you take one or two of your closest friends along with you. One of the subs, the XS100 Trio Alpha, holds three people, and the second and third versions, the XS100 Duo Beta and XS100 Duo Delta, can seat two submariners.

The boats' design is similar to the U-boatWorx personal subs we showed you earlier this month, with each cockpit individually pressurized so the sub can dive to deeper depths. The designer didn't say how deep the subs are capable of diving, but they're probably limited to around 100 to 150 feet.

Aimed at luxury yacht owners, Sureda-Burgos says the tiny craft will be built with reliability and safety in mind, and once the final designs have been completed, the subs may be able to scoot around the water at 4 to 6 knots. Take the jump for a gallery of shots featuring these submersible craft concepts.









Sureda-Burgos designed these subs to be aquadynamic, but maybe if he just extended those wings a bit and put a waterproof jet engine on the back, the things could fly, too.

Designers' Page, via TFTS