New washing machine cuts cleaning time in half

Washing clothes takes too long, especially if you're a sucker who has to hoof it to a Laundromat rather than those ivory tower dwellers that have their own washer and dryer at home. No one likes hanging out at the Laundromat while they wait for their shirts to get de-sweated, and any advancements in laundry-related technology that'll get me in and out of that dreaded place faster is A-OK by me.

That's why I'm totally psyched for the "Moving Drum" washer and dryer that Mitsubishi developed. They claim they've cut the entire process in half, time wise, getting 20 pounds of your clothes clean in a mere 35 minutes. It accomplishes this by twisting and turning, keeping your clothes from getting bunched up or stuck along one side of the washer. However it does it, tell my local Laundromat to get some, post-haste, so I can cut down my time spent there as soon as possible.

Via Yahoo