MindSpa takes you to the spa when your body can't go

The MindSpa promises to help you deal with life's daily stress relaxing you and helping you sleep better. Employing precise frequencies of oscillation light and calming tones, the portable gadget is supposed to guide the wearer toward inner peace. It has eight relaxation programs to choose from, and once I'm done chilling out, I could pick one of the four performance-enhancement programs to be more productive. With that thought in mind, I plugged in the "visual simulation" glasses and put on the headphones.

I emerge sharper than ever and certainly more relaxed than I thought possible. As I head out into the world I descend into New York City's subway system. I arrive at the platform just in time to see my train pulling out of the station. The pounding in my temples indicates that I'm stressed again. Compounding this stress is the nagging though that at $250 it might have been cheaper to take a nap.