Make your own filling-filled ice cream

Summer's coming, and you know what that means: ice cream, and lots of it. If you're a serious ice cream fiend, so much so that you end up spending a large chunk of your rent money on the frozen treat every month, it might be time to start saving money by making it yourself. And if you're gonna make it yourself, you might as well make the good stuff.

This Cuisinart Mix It In Ice Cream Maker not only makes its own ice cream, but it also mixes in whatever topping you want. Feel like making ice cream with Oreo bits inside? Go for it. M&Ms? Why not? Chunks of cooked pork? I'll pass, but go nuts. It allows you to get extra-creative with your ice cream, making one of the more fun parts of summertime even more fun.

Everything Home, via UberReview