Magnifying table: See your beverages up close

Although this table looks like it has a pane of glass in the middle for seeing what's underneath, that circle is actually a screen for magnifying stuff on top. The Microscopy table, designed by Vakahn Matossian, has a glowing "hot spot" in one of the corners that magnifies any object put there by a factor of 40 for display on the "central viewing circle."

I can't say I've ever really wanted to see the bottom of my Global Warming Mug pumped up to huge size, though this is kind of a fun idea. The only issue I have is that ugly cord sticking out from one of the legs. A rechargeable battery would probably be a better choice — or at least make the cable a quieter color than orange. Not to tell you how to design or anything, Vakahn….

Vakahn Matossian, via Shiny Shiny