JumpSnap takes the rope out of jump rope

Was your mind blown by the TV with no screen? Try the jump rope with no rope. Yep, if you find that you keep tripping up when you try to work out with the real thing, the Jump Snap can get you hopping no matter your coordination or fitness level, according to the video on the website. The two electronic handles can take you through come preprogrammed with workouts of varying intensity, and since the rope is "virtual," you'll never get tangled up — even when you do the ol' crisscross maneuver.

As much as I like encouraging people to take on one of the best forms of cardio out there, this is silly. One of the main benefits of jumping rope is teaching you coordination, since the rope forces you to avoid getting tripped up in order to exercise. If the rope keeps hitting your ankles, just keep trying — you'll get it eventually. Otherwise, you may as well do some jumping jacks. The only situation where I could see the JumpSnap being a plus is in a really crowded exercise class, where a real rope would smack the face of the person behind you. Unless you're in that class, save your two easy payments of $29.95.

JumpSnap, via American Inventor Spot