Japan's kitchen robot: A maid is still cheaper

Researchers at the University of Tokyo have developed this kitchen robot, giving it the ability to pour you tea and then wash the tea set when you're done. I mean, doing those things yourself is nearly unbearable, so I can see why one would want to spend millions of dollars developing a robot to do these basic tasks. Then they can sell them for exorbitant prices to the laziest rich people in the world. How can they lose?

I really love the fact that you can tell this thing was made in Japan because the head has these ear things on it that make the robot look like it's straight out of a Manga. I mean, come on… you know those ears don't provide any extra functionality. And why does it have to wear an apron? Shouldn't it have been built with the ability to withstand tea splatter? Keep working at it, Japan.

Daily Mail, via Born Rich