Interactive mirror lets you try on virtual clothes, get opinions via Web

If you've ever been through the haunted house ride at Disney World, this digital interactive mirror might look familiar. At the end of the ride, you're thrust in front of a mirror and next to you sits the image of a ghost. That's how this mirror works, but instead of an apparition, it uses some fancy tech to superimpose one of the store's clothing products you've chosen onto your body.

Where it was just a concept before, now it's actually being tested at Bloomingdale's in New York, combining elements of digital technology with Web 2.0. It first shows you what you look like in a certain garment, and then forwards that digital image to a website where you can ask the opinion of your friends or trusted critics.

This idea might be useful for home shopping, too, if the digitally augmented two-way mirrors can be manufactured on the cheap. But then there's that ever-present problem with Internet clothes shopping: you can't really tell what it feels like to wear a certain shirt, dress or pair of pants. It's going to be a while before physical experience can be digitally replaced, but this is a start.

Josh Spear, via Gizmodo