Hooking wine up to taps doesn't make it any less classy

I'm not a huge wine guy, but if wine was dispensed more like my beloved beer, out of taps, perhaps I would give it another shot. That's exactly what this "Vin au Verre" does, loading up with up to eight of your favorite bottles of wine and keeping them at the ready for your next binge.

In addition to keeping the bottles hooked up to taps, it also keeps them temperature-regulated, storing the bottles at exactly the right temperature they should be stored at. It uses an anti-oxidation system and inert nitrogen gas to keep your wine fresh for up to three weeks after opening it. Eh, I think I'll still stick with beer, but if you're a serious wino this could be just the thing you were looking for to spice up your kitchen.

Luxury Portfolio, via BornRich