Gun Operated Alarm Clock shoots away annoying sound

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to shoot your alarm clock instead of banging on it? While playing Dirty Harry in the real-world sense might get you arrested, you could still get your jollies gadget-wise if British designer Roger Ibar's Gun Operated Alarm Clock ever becomes a real life product.

The Gun Operated Alarm Clock, which is but one of many ideas Ibar cooks up, is a hacked old-school light gun from an older game console like the Nintendo Entertainment System. The gun is connected via a cable to a "vintage digital" (here are two words you never thought you'd see together) clock radio. You can use different angled shots (via tilt switches) at the clock to do things like shut the alarm off or change the time. As cool as this may seem, though, you'll probably never see it hooked up to this $2 million gold clock.

Gun Operated Alarm Clock, via Oh Gizmo!