Games come to your BlackBerry… in case you wanted them

While the clip-on pager all but died out with the coming of the new millennium, its successor lives on as the BlackBerry, the ubiquitous device that allows working professionals to remain in constant contact with colleagues and the home office. But for all they've done for personal communication, BlackBerries have never matched the entertainment features of cell phones or PDAs.

Finally with the latest generation of BlackBerry smartphones, games are arriving en masse. GameLoft has joined the BlackBerry ISV Alliance program with plans to develop, publish and distribute games. The first wave of titles is available now and includes Lost, New York Nights, Midnight Pool and Block Breaker Deluxe. Now users of the BlackBerry Pearl and 8800 will be able to get in the game during those spare moments during the daily commute or waiting for that conference call to begin. Cost of game: around $7. Being able to play it on a BlackBerry: priceless!