Eureka N!ergy tent has three power outlets, doesn't count as camping

Feel like roughing it, but not completely? Pitch this $249 Eureka N!ergy tent with its three 12-volt outlets distributed inside, and have all the comforts of home while communing with nature. The system runs on the E! Power system ($50), a rechargeable battery pack that can also individually control each outlet inside the tent. Each one of those three outlets has a glowing blue light when it's powered on, and can also be used as a night light.

Of course, you can accessorize the system, adding an adapter so you can charge the power pack with your car battery. Other accessories made specifically for the 12-volt DC system include a fan, reading light, air mattress compressor, alarm clock, camera battery charger, cell phone, and DVD player, and even a hair dryer and weather station.

The accessories list didn't mention PCs, but we're sure you might be able to rig something up. Ah, camping for wussies, a concept we've seen here before. Pardon us, but if you want to use the above list of appliances so badly, why not just stay home?

Eureka, via Oh Gizmo