Depressed? Maybe you look too normal

That old adage "there's a sucker born every minute" hasn't lost any of its truth in the many years since it was first uttered, at least judging by this latest example of gadget hooey. It's called the Feel Bright Light, and in addition to not doing anything, it also has the benefit of making you look like a supreme jackass when you're wearing it.

Look, light therapy may or may not be effective in treating things like depression, but let's look at this logically. If you're feeling down in the dumps, like you haven't got a friend in the world, is this thing really going to help you? If you leave the house while wearing it there's no way to avoid the stares and laughs that'll come your way. Why not try something like getting a new hobby that gets you out of the house and introduces you to new people, or at least anti-depression meds? I'm just saying, looking like an idiot is rarely a good solution to life's problems.

Hollywood Forces, via Gizmodo