Crazy Japanese climbing wall features more familiar grips

Indoor rock climbing walls aren't exactly outdoorsy, no matter how much faux-boulder texturing is done to the plastic you're hanging onto. That's why this crazy designer gym in Japan is so awesome — there's no pretense about you climbing around on the side of a mountain when you're perfectly well aware that you're in a building in Tokyo.

So if you visit this Illoiha gym, rather than be faced with a wall full of knobby fake rocks, you'll have the challenge of scaling a wall using picture frames, flower pots, and deer antlers. Frankly, it looks like a load of fun, and I love seeing something that's never really messed around with changed so radically. I'd love to see more gyms using creative design like this. How bout it, Bally's?

Illoiha, via Yanko Design