Boot Camp v1.2 beta offered for download

It's been a while since Apple updated Boot Camp, that seemingly miraculous app that lets you boot up Windows on a Mac, and now it brings in 32-bit Windows Vista support with its newly-released Boot Camp 1.2. Apple says it's easy to upgrade to it from the Boot Camp 1.1 version released last August, and now has a better Windows driver installation routine and supports the Apple Remote. It's offered as a free 138-MB download from the Apple website.

This latest (and probably last) beta will give us a good idea of the feature set to be included in the final version of Boot Camp that will ship with the much-anticipated Mac OS X Leopard operating system, due in the next two or three months. Don't forget, you'll also need a copy of either Windows XP or Vista and an Intel-based Mac to get this two-headed monster to work.

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