Bone conduction headband: supremely dorky

I love it when products combine the old and the new in a great, clever way. Unfortunately, this is not one of those products. I mean, yes, it combines old and new stuff, but great and clever? Not so much.

Basically, it's a goofy looking headband that you stick your iPod shuffle in and then listen to your music via bone conduction technology. What is bone conduction? It's when you listen to stuff via vibrations in your jaw rather than through your ears. What are the benefits? Uh, good question.

Seems to me that ears have been working pretty well for hearing stuff for a long time, and this whole bone conduction thing is a gimmick. Plus, this headband will make you look like such a tool. But hey, who am I to judge? But yes, if I saw you wearing this I would certainly judge you.

Akihabara News, via Gizmodo