Bluetooth Band-Aid for future paramedics

This concept medical gear aims to provide first responders with the best information possible about the people they're treating. As soon as they get to the scene of an accident, they can stick Bluetooth Band-Aids (pictured right) on each of the victims. When stuck on the skin, the BT-BA can find out basic information like blood type and allergies, displaying it on a small screen and relaying it to the medic's electronic pad (left). It's not clear whether the Band-Aid gets the info from a patient's personal tag (the thing with the "SMS" on it) — which would make its usefulness pretty limited — or actually diagnoses this stuff on its own. Since it's a concept, I'm going with the latter.

The Band-Aid also has a color indicator that shows how critical the patient is, intended to aid in triage. One can only hope this is something the paramedic controls, and isn't automatic, since I wouldn't want my rapid blood loss to go unnoticed because someone forgot to charge my Band-Aid back at the hospital. The squarish thing on top is a "capsule" that can do things like monitor a diabetic patient's blood sugar level and give him or her an injection of insulin when needed. That one seems the most useful, as long as the sensor tech is reliable.

Technology's influence on medicine can sometimes astound, though this batch of Bluetooth gear strikes us as a bit far-fetched. Still, points for trying to the designer, Saravanan Nagasundaram. As I'm sure his Bluetooth Band-Aid would tell us, his heart's in the right place.

Core 77, via Gizmodo