Alarm Watch keeps the deaf safe

Fire alarms are, by necessity, loud and obnoxious. They're impossible to ignore, with their extremely loud shrieking, but that's because people want to make sure that everyone hears it and gets out of a burning building. Makes sense to me. But what about people who can't hear even the loudest and most annoying alarms?

The Personal Alarm Watch is designed to clue in the hearing impaired when an alarm is going off. It vibrates and flashes a bunch of colors — the tactile equivalent of an annoying bell or buzzer. It would theoretically work in one of two ways: it would either pick up a signal from fancy alarm systems, or it would be able to tell when the volume in an area shot up significantly and alert the user then. Either way, it looks like a cool device, although since it's merely a concept, who knows if it'll ever actually get made.

Via Coolest-Gadgets