A touchscreen you don't need to touch

Touchscreens are all the rage these days, what with the upcoming iPhone bringing them to the forefront of the gadget world. They aren't without their drawbacks, however. The lack of tactile feedback generally makes them difficult to control, at least until you get used to it, and you end up getting greasy thumbprints all over the nice, shiny screen of your flashy new device.

This touchscreen monitor from TouchKo might not solve that first problem, but at least it'll stay clean for you after a lot of use. That's because it's a touchscreen you don't even need to touch, instead relying on sensors to be controlled from up to 6 inches away. Just wave your hand near it and it'll understand your gesture and translate it into a command. It's designed for medical use, but it'll be interesting to see what consumer applications this makes its way into. Hit the jump for a video of the screen in action.

TechEBlog, via BornRich