You haven't heard Death Cab for Cutie until you've listened to them underwater

We've seen our share of waterproof headphones, but this pair of earbuds from Aquapac could be the alpha dog of underwater headgear. While previous models have been aimed at people who want to shower with their iPods, the Aquapac goes deeper — 33 feet deeper, in fact. Yep, the scuba-diving crowd can now get their funk on for 8 hours straight. Whatever keeps you from getting the bends, I guess.

The company claims the sound quality of the "100% waterproof" phones is better than anything on the market and has tested them in both fresh and salt water (you may want to make sure your music player's swimwear is equally durable). The $40 asking price includes a floating buoy you can wrap your cord around and a spare pair of silicone earbuds, and for an extra $30 you get a waterproof case for your iPod. Maybe that singing crab in The Little Mermaid was onto something….

Aquapac, via Oh Gizmo!