You won't lose anything strapped to your head, will you?

Always misplacing the remote control? Well, this is a solution, albeit one that creates a whole slew of problems of its own. The Multimedia Remote Control Wrangler is a headband and chin strap covered in Velcro, allowing you to stick those pesky remotes right to your head, never to be misplaced again.

Clearly this is some sort of jokey concept, but I just love that chinstrap. It really takes this thing away from the realm of the reasonable and straight into crazytown. I mean, how uncomfortable does this thing look? I love it, I love it so much. I especially like the "sporty" version with the ABA colors and guy with a fro. Seriously, if they ever made one of these for real I would buy one just to support the mad genius who came up with it. Kudos.

Via American Inventor Spot