Wi-Fi remote control brings channel guides right to your hand

Let me know if this reminds you of another gadget: this remote control has a 2.2-inch LCD screen with an icon menu and a pair of buttons right below that change function depending on what exactly what you're doing. Yep, the design of tvCompass's Smart Remote borrows heavily from the cell-phone world while lording over your home theater (up to 24 components!). There's no camera or anything, but it does have something far more useful: Wi-Fi (more like a Skype phone then, I guess). The Smart guy wirelessly stays in touch with you PC, bringing product codes, channel guides, and even news right to the palm of your hand — just like that Thomson Wi-Q remote, which never came out, was supposed to do.

I'm pretty cool on the idea of putting RSS feeds into my remote (if I want news while I'm in front of the TV, I think they have networks for that), but Logitech's line of Harmony controls has certainly convinced me of the merits of networking your remote. The only other thing that would make me wary of the Smart Remote is that it runs a form of Windows, but I'd still give it shot… just as soon as tvCompass comes up with a price and release date.

tvCompass, via Übergizmo