Virtual Distance Football proves you throw like a girl

Hey, you Joe Montana wannabes. You think you've got some arm, don't you? You talk the talk about being able to throw the long ball, but can you put your money where your mouth is? This virtual distance football has a built-in LCD that will tell you exactly how far that hail mary was, with no room for excuses or arguments.

There are a couple of problems, however. First, this thing is much smaller than a regulation football, so you'll probably be able to throw it much farther. Don't let it pump your ego up. Secondly, it seems to me that an LCD screen would throw off the balance and feel of a football. Then again, I'm no NFL quarterback, so what do I know. The Virtual Distance Football is available online now for $20 for all your bet-settling needs.

Virtual Distance Football, via Oh Gizmo!