Top 10 Gadget Gifts for Your Valentine

For anyone who wants to get out of this easy, here's what to get your girlfriend for Valentine's Day: jewelry. Also, flowers and a nice dinner. Get off this site now and go somewhere classy. But you should know that according to the Oxygen channel three quarters of women would prefer a plasma TV to a diamond necklace. Easy doesn't look so good now, does it? Well, you've come to the right place: after the jump we'll lead you through gadget and tech gifts that would make most (or at least three out of four) gals swoon.


10. Generic, but awesome
We're pretty sure that Apple's rose-red iPod nano will be at the top of every magazine's Valentine's Day list. For good reason: like your beloved, it's beautiful and slender, cute yet sophisticated. And to make you look like a good guy, Apple kicks in a few bucks from the sticker price to help the AIDS cause. Let's face it, the Code Red nano is the new two-dozen rose bouquet. Of course, the nano isn't the only Valentine's-hued gadget out there. Apple's pink iPod shuffle is a more affordable choice that could also fit the bill. Check out our round up of pink and red personal electronics here.


9. Romantic and quirky
At the other end of the spectrum, you could show your gal that you're ready for commitment with this umbrella built for two. It shows that you'll stick with her rain or shine. This one's not available for sale, but it looks like it could be a DIY for suitors with thinner wallets.


8. Tech-y bling
Here's one thing that won't make a good Valentine's Day gift: a cell phone. Because most phones these days come with burdensome two-year plans, buying one has become a deeply personal decision. But if you don't mind stealing your gf's phone for a few days, you could send it to NYC Peach, the company that provided Paris Hilton with her infamous crystal-studded Sidekick. For $400, they'll bling out your sweetie's phone (or camera, iPod, Nintendo DS, or PDA) with Swarovski crystals, turning an everyday necessity into a sparkly accessory. And if you're not sure about letting your gal's phone get "lost" for three days, NYC Peach also makes sparkly hairbrushes, Zippos, and belt buckles.


7. Green, green, green
Glitz isn't for everyone. But just because your girlfriend's crunchy doesn't mean you have to give up Valentine's Day, or gadgets, completely. You could start out with Jimi's iPod nano case made of recycled plastic. And hey, why not throw in some environmentally responsible jewelry while you're at it? Green Karat sells expensive trinkets made from recycled gold and platinum, while Tarma Designs sells more affordable (and less commitment-heavy) pendants and earrings made from recycled stainless steel, like the one shown here. Finally, don't forget to let her know how you feel with a card that's also a plant: the message bean.


6. A gift to share
What better way to say, "let's spend some time together" or "honey, I think you may need to exercise more" than with a Nintendo Wii? Load it with non-intimidating (and non-gross-out) games like Super Mario and Zelda and the two of you can huddle around the TV like grade schoolers.


5. Sexy tech
If it has a battery, it's a gadget, right? Listen, we're a G-rated blog here, so we're going to hook you up with the most G-rated sex toy in the history of sex toys: the vibrating rubber duckie. Like the iPod nano, this cute but naughty toy is available in pink and red. And if that's not subtle enough for you, go with a vibrating alarm clock pillow instead.


4. Something retro
If your girlfriend is remotely interested in gadgets, she probably already has a digital camera. Which is why we wish we could recommend a small portable printer. Sadly, Polaroid's isn't on the market yet, and Fuji's is only available in Japan. How about the next best thing? For $30, you can surprise her with an old-fashioned Polaroid camera. Just a reminder, OutKast song lyrics do not an instruction manual make: she probably shouldn't shake the pictures that come out too much — they could come out spotty.


3. For the sweet tooth can lead you to the most expensive chocolates in the world, but isn't this Marzipan BlackBerry just a bit more fun? Maybe it'll remind her to lay off the CrackBerry and start paying more attention to the better things in life.


2. Surprise her
Even though Slingbox has been hawking its wares for a couple of years, nobody seems to know about it. Which means that this media transporter is the best gadget your girlfriend hasn't heard of. For anywhere from $100 to $250, depending on the model, she can now control her television recording habits from work and watch her favorite TV shows on a laptop anywhere in the country. Most laypeople don't even know this is possible, so buying one is like astonishing them with a gift from the future. She may look confused and a bit displeased when she opens the box, but in the long run, it's a surefire hit.


1. The most coveted
The price of diamonds is rising, while the price of plasma televisions is falling: these days you can get a good quality 42-inch plasma TV for $1,000 to $1,500. In diamonds, that amount will buy you just under a half-carat pendant. The diamond will retain its value better than the TV, but then again, diamonds are tiny and easy to lose. It's not an easy decision. So ask yourself: which will you enjoy more?