Think 0.6 miles of Wi-Fi range is a bit much?

Think your Wi-Fi range sucks? Well, you could always upgrade to an N router from your measly B or G, but it still won't give you a really insane amount of range. What you need is one of these Korean Etri routers. With the area of its coverage everything in a 0.62 miles radius, it's safe to say that you'll have a decent signal anywhere in your house.

Who needs to wait for WiMax with this around? Just keep it running and as long as you aren't going too far you'll always have a hotspot. Unfortunately, this guy is Korea only for now. We'll see if it makes its way over here.

Akihabara, via Ubergizmo

CORRECTION: Whoops. The range on this guy is actually only 0.62 miles, not 62 miles as we originally stated. Still impressive, but not quite as insanely impressive as before. Sorry for any confusion.