Tesla coil protects your car with ring of lightning

If you ever thought car security wasn't dramatic enough, this Tesla-coil automobile protector should satisfy your desire for spectacle. Attaching a 4-inch coil to a boom on the roof of his car, Australian Peter Terren created what is no doubt the coolest-looking theft deterrent to ever be built into a motor vehice. Terren captured the photo above, showing the coil's ring of electricity (which he calls the Eye of Sauron, after the character in The Lord of the Rings), with time-lapse photography.

Putting aside for a second that such a security system would be about one one-thousandth legal, the Eye would certainly scare away any casual thieves, though determined ones could probably disable it easily enough (just off the top of my head, pulling down the boom with a rope). Nonetheless, it's definitely the most wicked form of vehicle security we've ever seen — even if it's not as effective as a MagnaVolt.

Tesla Downunder, via Gizmowatch