SteriPEN makes sure that water you're drinking is potable

If you enjoy traveling to exotic and dangerous places like the Amazon, the Himalayas, or Camden, you know that one of the hardest things to find when far from civilization is potable water. And if you get lazy and just drink straight from the Nile, well, you know where that story ends, and it ain't pretty.

This tiny gadget is the SteriPEN UV Light Water Purifier, and just zapping your water with it will get rid of 99.99% of bacteria floating around in there. Because it's not a filter, it won't add that weird chemically taste to your water you sometimes get with other purification systems. For a mere $100 you can get the SteriPEN and an extra filter, giving you 5,000 uses. That's a lot of drinkable water and a lot of time you won't be spent hunched over on some filthy toilet. Sounds kind of worth it to me, what do you think?

SteriPEN, via Coolest Gadgets