Shark Shield keeps prevalent shark problem under control

Shark attacks aren't exactly common occurrences, at least not outside of the sea lion community, so this anti-shark surf board gadget seems like it prays a bit on the frightened and the stupid. This thing sticks to the back of your board and emits low grade electrical signals. That'll either electrocute you when you fall in the water or keep sharks away, one of the two.

This seems kind of like the equivalent of wearing a parachute on a commuter flight. You aren't going to need it, and the awkwardness of it doesn't make up for the miniscule increase in personal safety it provides. But hey, if you've got a crippling fear of sharks or of being seen as a cool surfer, you can get one of these things for $700 dollars. Check a video of it in action after the jump.

Shark Shield, via Gizmodo