SeaPhantom draws Batman looks, high-speed desires

Batman cometh to water boat design in the form of the SeaPhantom five-passenger prototype high-speed boat designed by Maritime Flight Dynamics out of Fort Myers Beach, Florida. The SeaPhantom is designed to actually fly just above the wave crests, on "proprietary shock dampened foils," using an "aerodynamically stable platform" based on a NASA design. Sounds like a step above your standard hydrofoil.

Maritime Flight Dynamics, which says the SeaPhantom gets an estimated cruise speed of 85 mph with just under 300 horsepower, sees its boat as having a number of applications. These can include personal use (i.e. rich man's toy) and military operations for groups like the U.S. Navy Seals. Maybe they could get Charlie Sheen for their spokesperson.

SeaPhantom, via Gizmodo