Samsung's SGH-F520 has dual-sliding awesomeness

Just when you think you're too jaded to get excited by a new cell phone design, someone comes along and slaps you in the face with innovation. This morning, Samsung slapped me hard with the SGH-F520. It's the little(?) brother of the kickass SGH-F700 that we showed you last week, but in my opinion it's way cooler.

The sweetest thing is obviously the dual-sliding design. Slide the face up, and a number pad and directional pad appear. Slide it to the side, and you get a full QWERTY keyboard. Oh, and the screen is a touchscreen, if you want a third way to control it. It's innovative yet simple and immediately intuitive. That's why it sucks extra hard this time to learn that this is heading straight for Korea, with no plans to release it stateside. Why do you torture us so, Samsung?

Via Gizmodo