Ricoh 500SE camera: Would you like some GPS with that photo?

Ricoh just came out with its first GPS-ready digital camera, the 8-megapixel 500SE. Overall, the camera's features match those of last year's 500G, with a 2.5-inch LCD and waterproof/shockproof body. The 500SE comes with a detachable GPS module, but it can also receive information from external GPS devices via Bluetooth. As you take pictures, this data is automatically embedded in each photo.

This camera is also capable of wirelessly transferring images to computers and mobile devices. Contractors and lumberjacks take note: the camera is nearly indestructible, and Wi-Fi built in as well. The Ricoh 500SE is now available in Europe for a pretty $1,200. If you're certain you'll never use Wi-Fi, they also sell the same model without it for $1,100, as if that was some kind of deal.

Via Digital Photography Review