Reflective iPod Case Reminds You How Great You Look

Gimmicky iPod cases are a dime a dozen, so it's hard for one to stand out. Especially for me, as I use that crappy pouch that it came with to keep my iPod from getting scratched in my pocket and nothing else. I don't need some bulky case making my pockets even more full, you know what I mean?

Despite that, this new Griffin Reflect is a pretty sweet accessory. It's all reflective and stuff. The best part is that when your iPod's backlight is off, it disappears behind the reflective surface. When you turn it on it shines on through, but when it's off you can use the case as a mirror to see how damned hip you look with those white earbuds. Now you have even more reasons to be vain! Great! Both the video and nano versions of the Reflect are available now for $25.

Griffin Reflect, via Oh Gizmo!