Pussy Cat PC concept: no litterbox required

Microsoft's Next PC Design competition is in full swing, bringing us all sorts of wacky, out-of-the-box PC concepts. One of the strangest and our favorites is the Pussy Cat PC concept.

Yeah, it looks like a cat. It also moves like a cat, as it's a mini robot with AI to help it navigate around an environment. You can set it either to computer mode, where you can use the screen on its face for all your standard computer and online tasks, but then you can also set it to pussy cat mode. This mode turns your computer into a virtual pet. It will have face recognition so it can tell who its master is, and it can act as a really creepy form of home security. Also, it farts perfume for some reason.

Does this have a chance of getting made anytime soon? Hell no. But is it an insane and amusing concept? Yes, yes it is. Keep up the good work, contestants.

Microsoft Next PC Design Competition, via Yanko Design