Pixelnotes create pixel patterns on your wall… with Post-Its!

Is your home décor lacking something? Maybe some practicality? A dynamic quality? Some pixels, perhaps? Have we got the wallpaper for you: Pixelnotes is a brilliantly cool concept for shaking up the world of wallpaper. The idea is to cover a brightly colored wall with a grid of sticky notepads, à la Post-Its. The pads are four layers thick, each with a slightly darker shade of gray. As you use the notes, a pixel pattern emerges on the wall. Not only is the idea practical and decorative, but the wall's pattern actually reveals your habits within the room.

Props to Duncan Wilson and Sirkka Hammer for coming up with the wild wallpaper concept. It's not really for sale, although you could contact them to see what they might have in the works. But if you're sold and need some Pixelnotes ASAP, it looks like a fairly easy DIY project, at least in theory. Check out a few more pics of the noteworthy walls after the jump.

Duncan Wilson, via Land+Living