Outdoor home theater redefines 'roughing it'

This terrible cold weather makes me long for the summer days that are warm enough for me to hang out outside all day long. When those months finally hit, you're gonna want something to keep you occupied in the sun, as lord knows you won't be able to make it without an overpriced and ostentatious way to stay connected to technology.

Cal Spas has a setup for you. It's an outdoor home theater rig that has a 63-inch LCD HDTV, DVD player, Sirius satellite radio receiver, iPod dock (of course), dual fire pits, five-burner convection grill, and a cocktail center with an ice machine, blender, and beer tap. Basically they've gone and created a frat guys ultimate bachelor pad and then removed the walls and roof so you can't enjoy it during bad weather. Sweet. No word on pricing yet, but if you have to ask you can't afford it.

Cal Spas, via Born Rich